What Type of People Can Do This on Their Own

Although householders are legally entitled to carry out asbestos removal, we DO NOT recommend this practice. ... Asbestos fibers are dangerous and pose a risk not to only yourself, but to your family and neighbors’. If the product is loosely bound we urge you to contact a licensed professional.

Prefect Primer is an alternative to removing asbestos, clean, neat and grinding.

No amount of asbestos is considered safe. Products that contain greater than 1 percent of asbestos minerals are considered to be asbestos-containing. The more asbestos you are exposed to, the more likely you are to get an asbestos disease. Asbestosis and lung cancer are dose-related diseases.

Asbestos is any homeowner’s nightmare. It’s been linked to various lung diseases and asbestosis. Exposure to asbestos dust can result in the irritation and scarring of lung tissues. This in turn can result in mesothelioma, which is a type of cancer that is more often than not fatal.
Getting rid of asbestos isn’t cut and dry. You not only have to be careful to avoid inhaling the asbestos dust but also have to ensure that the material is disposed in accordance with Federal legal requirements.

You could opt to call a professional asbestos removal company to do it for you. Or you could opt to do it yourself or use an alternative solution like Perfect Primer

Save time


Going through the process and all the rigor of looking for a contractor and comparing quotations? DIY removal is not recommended involves purchasing a removal materials and getting down to work. It's not that simple.

Do it as a weekend project (this is not a drywall patch in your sons bedroom)


Removing asbestos is a difficult project even if you have the right equipment. Thinking you can take it up as a project this weekend and be done by the time Monday rolls around may not be realistic

To safely and legally encapsulate asbestos, rather then remove it to apply decorative epoxy floor coatings, use  DIY Perfect Primer


Alternative to Removing asbestos with  DIY Perfect Primer is quick and easy. Anyone can do it. You simply follow the steps and you’re done. And Yes you maybe done by Monday Morning.

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