Why Choose Perfect primer

Why PerfectPrimer is a Top Choice for Pros Too?

PerfectPrimer for epoxy and decorative concrete overlays’ is the top choice primer amongst do-it-yourselfers both with and without experience, primarily because it comes ready to use and is easy to apply.

The primer is also making waves amongst professional contractors for many reasons:

  1. It’s versatile

The primer is one of the most versatile products currently available in the market. It is compatible with a wide variety of surfaces and finishes. As a professional, you can purchase the primer and make use of it on a variety of projects.

  1. It helps to save time and costs


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PerfectPrimer cuts down on prep time by eliminating the need for grinding or replacing surfaces. It treats the floor so that your coatings can be directly applied over black mastic and other difficult surfaces.  Many pros are able to take jobs that they previously wouldn’t as a result. Projects don’t require as much input in terms of man hours, equipment, and money.

  1. Great results

The primer provides a great finish every time. It improves adhesion of finishes to surfaces by creating a strong molecular bond. It also prevents seals the floor to prevent rapid drying of your decorative coatings. It balances the floor pH to neutral. This makes it an ideal surface for coatings to stick to, eliminating pH incompatibility problems that from arising over time, and insures a long lasting job

  1. Environmentally friendly

With many clients concerned about their health and the environment, using a non-toxic and environmentally friendly primer is vital. It also eliminates the need to remove Asbestos, silica dust, lead paints and PCB’s in concrete. This makes PerfectPrimer is therefore a great choice for residential projects.

PerfectPrimer is a great choice for both do-it-yourselfers and professionals working on any project where traditional surface prep methods are messy, dangerous or expensive


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