Solutions for Surface Prep, Waterproofing, Concrete or Wood Resurfacing, and More

PerfectPrimer / PerfectMembrane Comparison Chart







Bonds various coatings to even the most difficult surfaces

Reduces grinding and surface prep time by up to 90%

Primes and seals substrate for uniform coatings adhesion

Eliminates the need to dispose of soy gels or grinding debris

Balances concrete pH to reduce cracking and overlay delaminations

Environmentally friendly

Replaces the need to water prime, acid etch, and neutralize

Makes every substrate adhere like a new, clean concrete slab


Is a complete waterproofing underlay system


Provides fast, easy crack repairs


Hides substrate imperfections that “telegraph” up to the finish coat


Complete crack isolation membrane protects against future cracking


Reinforces weak substrates


Encapsulates Asbestos


Encapsulates lead