how to use perfectmembrane


The ability to perform many functions is becoming an important factor to consider when selecting systems in the construction industry. PerfectMembrane is a great example of a system that meets multiple needs.

1. It is a primer for overlay cements, and expoxies

PerfectMembrane system is a highly effective overlay adhesion primer. It is used to bond decorative coatings to a wide variety of substrates including concrete, tile, and wood. It is compatible with a wide variety of decorative coatings and can be applied without the need for grinding the surface of the substrate.

2. It is a waterproofing system

The membrane forms an effective waterproof barrier to protect the substrate below. It is ideal for use on a wide variety of surfaces including decks, balconies, roofs, bathrooms and much more. It provides a long term solution for waterproofing.

3. It helps to prevent spreading of cracks

The membrane is effective at isolating cracks. The mesh fabric reduces the transfer of movement that causes cracking to top coatings. It therefore ensures that the coating will remain intact for longer.

4. It provides additional strength to substrates

PerfectMembrane provides reinforcement for weak substrates. It is an effective system for strengthening substrates that are severely cracked. It can be installed on the existing coating system without the need for surface preparation.

PerfectMembrane is a cost effective waterproofing system that performs multiple functions. The system never needs to be replaced, therefore, offering long term benefits at a fraction of the cost of alternative waterproofing options.



Perfect Membrane

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The Do-It-Yourself DIY Waterproofing Solution

Priming, Waterproofing and Crack Isolation Membrane for Overlays

  • Use Indoors and Out
  • Non-Toxic
  • Cleans Up Water
  • Waterproofs Any Deck, Terrrace, Roof Balcony Etc.

The only way to waterproof and prepare decks for coatings and overlay systems.